Trimalchio Release


Trimalchio is a tragicomedy, which is neither tragic nor omedy, about a young playwright drafted in to adapt The Great Gatsby. While dodging visions of a mysterious past he finds himself slowly sinking into the mind of F Scott Fitzgerald.

I’ve been working on Trimalchio, the idea, for more than two years. I’ve been writing and editing for the last year. In the last two weeks I’ve gone through about five drafts? Maybe more? What you should know, however, is I am probably one of the worst proofreaders in existence. Some folks helped craft this thing, with special thanks to Laurens Steel (who designed the cover art too), but it’s otherwise my first solo venture. I’ve written two novels before this bit they’re both either too boring or too good (note: good means awful) to go public.

If you’re wondering about a lot of the stuff that happens in the ruddy thing, and what it’s primarily based on, then do read Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda (a compilation of the love letters that the [eventual] Fitzgeralds sent to each other). That and, well, The Great Gatsby if you haven’t already. Wait, you haven’t? Oh my! Shame on you!

Trimalchio is available for FREE online

Click here for the PDF, right-click and ‘save as’ to download.

Click here to view online in GoogleDocs

(I will be adding Kindle/ePub/iBooks links in the future)

If you have any thoughts on it then feel free to tweet me them @Nathardisty or email me or owl mail or whatever. If there’s any errors then do tell me them or, and I encourage this, attach them to a brick and throw it at my face.



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