The Future

Has it really been two months since I last posted here? Blimey.

I have done. My education is finished. For now. I am a mere four months away from university and after a slew of toughie exams I have now returned. Honestly, it is quite refreshing to open you computer to not watch twenty documentaries on Ronald Reagan’s forehead, but to instead pry open an old-age word document and, like blowing dust off of an old notebook, see old ideas as fresh as they were as they first came to me. I now have no commitments besides my writing and I am already filling my Summer with self-surprises.

  • I went jogging this morning. I put on some Royksopp and just went. The English Summer is a rare delight and by god can it be blue sky delicious. It was six o’clock or something and it was just me and the big bright blue, jogging around the park and cramping every two minutes. I intend to kick my health back into shape.
  • I’m also starting to catch up on my reading backlog tomorrow. Tens of books on the pile to devour, I cannot wait. Reading for pleasure is something I’ve missed terribly.
  • Tonight I am starting Game of Thrones and Arrested Development. I am devoting most of my summer to catching up on television.
  • Next week I’m going to begin learning Italian. For fun.
  • I have clubbing with friends, dinners with my comrades, mini-breaks, hikes and walks and all sorts of things to revitalize my decayed, it was always fairly dead to be honest, social life.
  • There is a giant backlog of games. I intend to finish The Last of Us, the entire Metal Gear Solid saga, Mass Effect trilogy, Red Dead RedemptionHitman AbsolutionAlpha ProtocolAssassins Creed Revelations & 3Max Payne 3The Team Ico Collection and Grand Theft Auto V before departing for university.
  • I am writing..

There will be more editorial content for my Flixist work, probably weekly, so you’ll get an injecting of pretentious Hardisty more often now. On top of this, I’ll probably be writing about Gunpoint this weekend and The Last of Us the next. That’s some fairly regular stuff from me. I might also bring back ‘Weapon of Choice‘ given, well, I have the time now!

Books-wise, oh my! Let’s just get the exciting stuff out of the way.

  • Killer Looks – My exploration of Mary Harron’s adaptation of the classic novel American Psycho is finally releasing. It’s going to be under eighty pages this time around, much more compact in argument really. I will be expanding my Killer Looks commentary through some kind of something on Flixist, probably, or on here, probably, we’ll find out, probably. The full release of Killer Looks is coming, perfectly, July 4th 2013
  • Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Five – The finale to the whole book series that kickstarted my extended-writing career. I’ve come a long way from the silly-billy meanderings of Volume One; now I only meander stupidly. Volume Five will be an absolute love letter to my favourite video-games of all time. It’s going to be the longest Volume too, absolute promise. It releases on the 5th Anniversary of me beginning my ‘professional’ writing career, August 3rd 2013
  • Tears In Rain 2 – I’m writing this out of sheer stubbornnessTears In Rain 2 will further explore Ridley Scott’s magnum opus through the lens of more social and psychological issues. It will be much lighter than its big brother, probably sixty-five pages in length, but juicy enough. This silly sequel to my big booky-wooky on Blade Runner will be releasing in September 2013
  • Train – I released my first novely novel here… the last time I actually postedTrain is something I attempted in November 2012 but got sidetracked by all of the things. Now I’m a much more confident writer and, after the warm reception to Trimalchio, I’ll be expanding my fiction fingers with a work I’ve been wanting to write for years. It’s a superhero tragedy that spans decades. The Vietnam War, lone romanticism, the theory of evolution and mycology debates. This is a proper, beefy novel that will be my final released ‘thing’ before I go on October 5th 2013.

Obviously, I will still be posting after that date. Very infrequently. I shan’t be abandoning my Flixist post ever again, or until the next super-heated exam period or whatever torturous academic beast is thrown my way. I’m going to go study History for three years, I expected to be challenged in some way.

I will be converting ALL of my works into ePub/Kindle/toaster editions, FINALLY, instead of putting it off like an awful… fish or something something simile.

But, yes, I’m back. And busy. Very busy. Happily busy though. Writing. Oh how I’ve missed the sweet sensation of punctuation marks, bursts of syllables and sentences and the rushing sensation of absolute escapism into my own creation.

[poop joke]

ta ta,


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