Note: for posterity’s sake, I’ve decided to keep this page open. I disavow/disagree/am embarrassed by most of what’s written in these ‘books’. I wrote most of them from a young age. I think there’s some promise shown in some of them. Unless you’re really interested in my work, they’re not worth reading if you want to have a fun time.

Up, Down, Left, Right Series


Released 30th August 2010

An introduction to video-games as ‘something more’. The start to my long-winded and hyperbolic ‘gamechanging’ ludology loving series about video-games. The first volume encapsulates the general problems of the artistic integrity of interactive media while at the same time suffering from ‘young writer’s disease’. It’s a horrible mess of grammar and spelling, I do apologize, but this was my first venture into semi-journalistic territory on such a massive topic.



Released August 3rd 2011

And now for something completely different. This volume focuses on interactive storytelling, the middle man in video-game narrative, the limitations of interactivity, applying a story to an interactive context, why it’s hard to make a literary classic and respecting the current age of affairs through video-games. It’s more or less a complete diversion from volume one which was about introducing video-games as more than a medium of shallow entertainment.



Released December 25th 2011

Nobody’s a critic and everybody’s a loser. Art is about recognition. Literature became so powerful because it became so well-researched and full of studies and essays and thesis and university courses. Film became so powerful because the critics rose up and bantered and themes and ideas so on and so forth. Video-games? Laugh out loud. I’m going to take a very heavy trip into the world of video-game journalism through building from my own experiences. I’ll show you just how not to elevate a medium.



Released March 23rd 2013

vol 4

We don’t need no education. As we approach the finale to Up, Down, Left, Right we twist the knife into one final piece of the gamerkind puzzle. Using the community reaction to Spec Ops: The Line as a case study, we mine out some gems about how to combat the community hivemind from destroying the industry from the inside. I consider how ‘gamerkind’ has viewed certain design choices, the level of gamer literacy and the impact of the internet on the community.



Released October 4th, 2013


The end. Over five years ago I began writing professionally about video-games and with the final Up, Down, Left, Right volume comes the conclusion to my game journalism career… for a good while. This is a nostalgic personal trip into my fond memories of gaming and an unearthing of the ‘retro’ through a cosmic trip through all of gaming’s history both past, present and future. We return to the thesis of Volume One in seeing just what lays ahead because, for a good while, this is where I get off…


Film Theory


Released June 25th 2012


Cover art by John Pearson.

“Scholars like Hardisty are keeping Blade Runner where it belongs, on the edge
of modern culture.” – Will Brooker, Editor of The Blade Runner Experience

Blade Runner. A film rich in its explorations of the human condition, so relevant in its historical and political nature and is, above everything else, a film with a clever heart. Over a hundred and so pages I examine a film that made me who I am and explore its importance in current society. I go deep into the film over all five versions and documentaries and books surrounding it, so I encourage you to soak up as much Blade Runner as you can before jumping into this.


You can also buy a Print, Hand Bound, Physical, Collector’s Prestige Limited Edition of TEARS IN RAIN from the handsome John Pearson who also designed the new cover art. It’s hand bound, comes with a variety of delicious prints and is sweet as hell. The book itself is available here, but John’s also got some awesome Blade Runner pieces up such as a Hades landscape print and Esper print. There’s also some fancy Deckard badges up as well. International shipping is available.

               tirjp1tirjp2 tirjp3


Released July 4th 2013

American Psycho. A film that rests within internet culture for perhaps forever. Killer Looks is a book about the film American Psycho, an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ wonderful satirical novel. Throughout the book I evaluate interpretations, the psychology of characters, feminist arguments and the political and social message underneath the entire picture in a bid to find what a ‘film’ really is.

You can buy prints of the cover art from John J Pearson’s website.




Released April 10th 2013


Trimalchio is a tragicomedy, which is neither tragic nor omedy, about a young playwright drafted in to adapt The Great Gatsby. While dodging visions of a mysterious past he finds himself slowly sinking into the mind of F Scott Fitzgerald.


Broadway & Beyond – Short Story

Released: 11/07/2014

A part-sequel part-tease of Trimalchio and the future of its protagonist.


How do I shot Kindle Editions?

Many of my works are also available in Kindle format, because I’m just that kind. To get any of my books on to your Kindle for your pleasure, download the Kindle Edition by right clicking and either Save Target as or the Mac equivalent.

  1. Make sure you’ve got your email authorized to send to your Kindle
  2. Download the .ZIP
  3. Unzip the .ZIP folder.
  4. Go on to your email program, send an email to yourself such as (if you have a 3G Kindle and you want to avoid the costs then put in you can find your Kindle email in the settings bar on your actual device
  5. Blank text and body, simply attach the Kindle Edition file that you unzipped earlier (should be .azw) on to the email and click send.
  6. Wait for Amazon to sort itself out.
  7. Enjoy.

How do I shot iPad Editions?

  1. Go on to this website via Safari browser in iPad
  2. Download .PDF


  1. Download .PDF and drag it into your iPad or sync it or do whatever.
  2. Yeah this is how much I care about iPad people.
  3. Shame on you.
  4. Shame on you all.

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