Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four – Part One

vol 4

Well here you go.

As I’ve said earlier, I deleted over half of this thing earlier today after much editing. I will never publish something I’m not proud of and, well, that leaves Volume Four with its first section and a few bits of the latter sections… but only one complete Section.

Rather than leave this year without a lick of my long running video-game diatribe series, here you go. This book is about Spec Ops: The Line and uses it as a means to uncover issues to do with the gaming community’s sense of identity and the issues that come with respecting a medium. It gets very abstract and often preachy, but to be honest it’s a piece of the industry I need to encounter.

Part Two, and the full release, will come earlier in February. I have my exams coming up meaning NO TIME LEFTTT.

Once again, a happy new year to you all!



General Update: The magical disappearing Hardisty, TRAIN, Trimalchio, UDLR, everything basically.

Well then.

I didn’t forget about my slice of the internet. By slice I mean literally 0.000X% of it. I’ve been busy, incredibly busy. I cannot divulge into exactly why, you’ll find out in a month or so. Many many things transpired between my last postage and this postage. I gave up on NaNoWriMo, I went to some places, I got along with some projects, wrote a few things and began to prepare for the next few books.

Lots of things. Of which will come to fruition at some point in the next month.

The plan is, now, to release ALL chapters of TRAIN that I’ve written thus far. I’ll edit them and stuff, then I’ll come back to writing it at some point in 2013.

For Trimalchio, the last half will be released throughout December. I’ve already written the ending.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four will begin production this week. It will be released in two parts this month.

Killer Looks Part Two will release the last week of the month. There’ll then be a little break.

I’ll be writing on the VGAs this week (getting back into the journalistic swing), be posting something exciting with Tears In Rain, posting some stuff for 2013 and generally heading towards the ‘Hardisty finale’. I won’t be abandoning Blogossus during my time at university but expect, and this is hard to believe, even more downtime than this month.

Much love,


Up, Down, Left, Right – Volumes Four and Five, Remasters Available

All Kindle and ePub edition of Volumes One to Three are now available. They’re shoddy transfers, I know, but they’re legible at least. You’ll notice one or two additions to the books section, including my American Psycho book now named Killer Looks (the title that I think garnered the most votes) as my next book. You’ll also notice Volume Four and Five are up there for you to have a look at. Go on. Look at them.

Volume Four is releasing late 2012, possibly right at the end of the year, and Volume Five is launching the month before I go off to university. I should tell you right now that in the next month you’ll be seeing a lot of changes to Blogossus, including the return of ‘This Month In Hardisty’ which can only mean one thing.

Volume Four will be a case study focus of the community reaction to Spec Ops: The Line and will hopefully unravel the myths, legends and impacts within the community sphere of ‘gamerkind’. It’s going to be the longest volume, I think, and will be filled with a variety of chapters detailing links in responses to design choices of the game to the developers themselves.

Volume Five will be my final piece of games journalism for a few years and it focuses on me. Narcissism! It’s about the nature of nostalgia and the ‘retro’, tying the series back to Volume One as we focus on our history and our future. An emotional affair perhaps.

That’s all for now. Read the new remasters if you want! Ta ta!