New Vegas and Super Meat Boy

I am too lazy to write a full length review, and I think the ‘game critique corners’ are more useful/interesting. I’ll just leave you with two set scores and a little paragraph.

Super Meat Boy – ten out of ten – Pure, distilled video-game fun fun. There is literally nothing here that is from a film, novel or giant artsy fartsy work. It’s pure just… video-gamez! It’s a celebration of all that is indie, and the gameplay mechanics are an absolute reflection of that. A limitation of resources (inputs into the game) but a freedom to do whatever you want with them (jump ANYWHERE). This is the front-runner for my game of the year and if you don’t like it even a little bit you should be utterly ashamed of yourself/it’s not for you.

New Vegas – eight… nine… errrrr out of ten – No less one of the finest RPGs I have played in recent memory. The game is full of a breadth of ideas, content and generally takes the genre into its full maturity. New Vegas is the type of RPG I want to see survive for a long, long time and I bloody love it to bits. I’ll explain in tomorrow’s GCC (game critique corner) why on Earth it is so damn good, and what is so damn bad, but for the most part it’s utter perfection. Fallout 3 is a little peanut on the horizon compared to New Vegas, this would be the front-runner for my game of the year but a few certain bugs and general technicality issues restrict that accessibility of worthy content. Never the less… let’s say… eight/nine-ish out of ten.


E3 in bullet points.

  • Best Conference

Nintendo. Very surprising

  • Surprise!


  • Worst Conference.

I would say Konami, or Ubisoft, but I have to go with Microsoft. There was just nothing, nothing that interested me. It’s like Nintendo and Microsoft swapped places.

  • The ‘Nathan Hated The First One But Is Looking Forward to the Sequel’ Award

Hard to say. Gears 3 tickles my fancy, ever so slightly, but I have to go with Dead Space 2. Not that I actually hate the first one, it just didn’t tick all the right boxes for me. From the demos I’ve seen, it is out of this world. HURRR WORDPLAY

  • The Big Epic

Either Kevin Butler or Twisted Metal.

  • Natal or Move?

Neither. I can see the potential for Move, as it develops, but Microsoft are nosediving into the (saturated) casual market with Kinect. Nothing interests me with that piece of plastic.

  • FPS of the Show (BecauseĀ 70% of games are FPSs now)

Medal of Honor. I’d say Portal 2 but it’s so past the FPS genre that it’s just downright… Portal 2? What else can I do?

  • Game of the Show

Rayman Origins. Fucking. Yes.

Reviews Up Later

Two reviews will be up on Platform Nation later in the next two weeks. One on the PS3 version of ‘Section 8’, and another on the PS3 version of ‘Episodes from Liberty City’.

Having played The Lost and Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony and the original GTA IV on the 360, it’ll be nice to see how it all pans out.

Pretty much ends my two year coverage on the GTA IV saga (don’t get me linking to all my articles and rants).