I am a screenwriter, journalist, and professional idiot who has made countless mistakes and sometimes creative productions.

Since graduating Churchill College, Cambridge, in 2016 I have been laser focused on my professional career as a writer. I am currently attending the National Film and Television School (MA Screenwriting, 2018-2020).

Here are a bunch of my bullshit accomplishments, with my (accredited title). Treatments, scripts, screeners and further info are available at request: nathan.hardisty@gmail.com.

I also have a bunch of feature film, animation, and television projects in active development.

Short Films

Deliveroo (2018) – Directed by Astrid Thorvaldsen, (Screenplay by, Story by), NFTS
The Door
 (2018) – Directed by Astrid Thorvaldsen, (Screenplay by, Story by), NFTS
Strong (2018) – Directed by Shane Lim, (Screenplay by), NFTS
Danny’s Secret (2018) – Directed by Raphael Biss, (Script Editor), NFTS
Mates (2018) – Directed by Tammes Bernstein, (Script Editor), NFTS


Drifting (2018) – Short Play – (Directed by, Written by), NFTS


Jadwiga (2018) , (Written by), NFTS
The Sacred Guard (2018), (Written by), NFTS
The Call to Adventure (2018), (Written by), NFTS


Trimalchio (2016) –  Directed by Anna Jennings (Written by) Produced at the ADC Theatre
Losing my Religion (2016) – Directed by Stephanie McMorran (Written by) Produced at the ADC Theatre
terms & conditions apply (2018) – Directed by Hettie MacDonald (Written by) Produced at the Soho Theatre, NFTS Screenwriting Showcase
Fledge (2018) – Directed by Emily May Smith (Written by) Produced at the Courtyard Theatre

Books (Self-Pub)

Film Studies:

TEARS IN RAIN: AN EXPLORATION OF THE HISTORICAL, POLITICAL AND CULTURAL IMPORTANCE OF RIDLEY SCOTT’S BLADE RUNNER (1982) – Released on the 30th Anniversary of one of the watershed moments in sci-fi cinematic history, this book deals with Blade Runner using a variety of theories, approaches and general indulging thematic explorations. Dr Will Brooker, editor of The Blade Runner Experience and Director of Film Studies at Kingston University, that “Scholars like Hardisty keep Blade Runner where it belongs, on the edge of modern culture.”

KILLER LOOKS: AN EXPLORATION OF MARY HARRON’S AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) – American Psycho is a film that rests within internet culture for perhaps forever. Killer Looks is a book about the film American Psycho, an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ wonderful satirical novel. Throughout the book I evaluate interpretations, the psychology of characters, feminist arguments and the political and social message underneath the entire picture in a bid to find what a ‘film’ really is.


Trimalchio – Trimalchio is a tragicomedy novel, which is neither tragic nor omedy, about a young playwright drafted in to adapt The Great Gatsby. While dodging visions of a mysterious past he finds himself slowly sinking into the mind of F Scott Fitzgerald.


I worked as a games, film and media whatever journalist for a good five-eight years. My work was displayed on the likes of Destructoid, Film Daily, Flixist, Gamasutra, and a host of other sites.

I occasionally write long-form pieces on my Medium page and cross-post them here.

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