Happy Halloween.

Although Halloween was literally five minutes… six minutes ago? Timing!

Killer Looks, my long-form film critique a la Tears In Rain, is on schedule. I’m releasing ‘PART ONE’ which includes the introduction and the first section today. Section Two will come out in December and then other parts following that.

You can read PART ONE right here. I’m taking a Trimalchio approach to it, with full PDF and .epub and eBook releases following the ‘full’ release with chapters/sections littered up to the full release. Just to make sure you know that I am actually working hard.

There’s no ‘front cover’ yet, that’s been designed by another good friend of mine for the full release in April or something. Have fun reading and then sending sly insulting comments to me soon after!

NaNoWriMo begins… today actually. Interesting. That will be fun.


Killer Looks Update

My book on American Psycho, titled ‘Killer Looks‘, was announced a while ago. I’ve done quite a considerable chunk of work on it and I said that Part One would be released back in August. It’s now mid-September. I’ve found schoolwork and other pressures have now thrown a spanner in the works and I’ve decided to split Killer Looks into five parts now. This is to give time for myself to do all of my exams along with working on other projects such as Trimalchio and the upcoming NaNoWriMo 2012. The new structure of release is as follows:

September 28th Part One: Psychosis (40 pages)

October 31st Part Two: Politics (25 pages)

Mid-February Part Three: Theology (25 pages)

Mid-March Part Four: Social Issues (40 pages)

April Part Five: The World of Easton Ellis? (20 pages)

Each part will not release with a cover, but they will release with ePub/Kindle editions though. It’ll be around 150 – 160 pages in total which should be fun. This really wasn’t that tough of a decision to make given over the next few weeks you’ll see some dramatic changes here on Blogossus.

Vote for the name of my next book

I’m still playing around with titles for my next book, which will be another film theory dissection, on the topic of American Psycho (the 2000 film). It will carry the sub-title of ‘An Exploration of Mary Harron’s American Psycho (2000)‘. I am leaning towards Devil’s Advocate as the main title, but I think it’ll be best to just let you lot decide.

As stated before, the book will release in four parts with the first part releasing at the end of this month.

Two Things: Spelunky and Sunshine

‘Ey up.

It appears I decided to vanish off of the face of the Earth? Not sure why. Tears In Rain may have killed me or something, that would be a good excuse. The true excuse is that I just lost my mojo following that event and I’ve been gearing up for my next few projects. Spelunky and a bout of film gluttony all ended my writing career for about (nearly) a month but I am ready to return. Thank you for all your kind tweets and beats about Tears, I will post a post-mortem at some point this Summer (probably when I release the other versions) but the 10,000 views it has now has me utterly speechless. Thank you so much.

I have been playing Spelunky on the console box for the past week or so and I already have one of my favourite games of forever. I played the PC version for a year on-and-off and recently picked it back up. The exciting thing about Spelunky is that it’s the first game I can think of that has consequences behind its violence, although Gunpoint is about to change all that. I will be writing a series on Spelunky at some point, possibly for a website if things go well.

I’ve trodden through the filmography of Nolan, Fincher and mixed in some Kaufman and Stiller comedies to try and get some texture for the next few weeks of my life. I’ll be spending it cuddled up to American Psycho and some psychology anthologies as I try and piece another ‘Tears‘ together. I specifically watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which will indeed getting its own essay, along with my ‘Aliens‘ essay anthology finishing soon.

Sorry for the delays in all the writing, but I have just written a book.