As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a distinct lack of content recently.

This was a pretty hard decision for me to come to, but it’s one that I need to take. For the next month and a half I’ll be thrown into the hardest academic period of my life and I need to be at peak efficiency. This means I’ll be taking a long break from the internet in general, no more Redditing for me! The fact is, I just don’t have the time to make quality writings right now. I always like to spend time crafting pieces and noting ideas and putting effort, research and myself into these pieces and essays. Unfortunately, it seems I simply can’t afford to even write anymore. This means that I’ll be taking a hiatus for the remainder of this month and all of May. I’ve decided I’ll still be tweeting, answering emails (nathan.hardisty@gmail.com) but I… I was stupid not to stockpile articles and stuff and this will not happen again. Next year, there will be weekly content that I’ll just write months in advance. Or something, we shall see.

This means I’ll have a lot of stuff to do, and I’ve been promising stuff over my Twitter and in my essays over the past few weeks that all needs addressing.

  • Journey: I have played it, I will essay it as soon as I get back. I promised it for last week but, timing and revision and stuff etc.
  • Filmy Essays: The Dollars Trilogy, The Alien Anthology, Prometheus, Pulp Fiction, Titanic, The Weatherman, Empire Strikes Back and so many more films. These will all be essayed.
  • Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four: I need to do some heavy planning on this, but it might not be coming this Summer. I’m reworking the premise and philosophy of the piece, and after Volume Three I just want more time to work on these things.
  • Up, Down, Left, Right Remasters: I promised these months ago. I will get to them this August if it kills me.
  • Tears In Rain: My book on Blade Runner will be coming out on time. I haven’t finished writing it yet but I will get it completed for the 30th Anniversary if it kills me.
  • Film Book 2#: We’ll see…

Because I’ve broken your heart (and mine) I’m putting together a Welcome Back package. It’s a lot like what Sony did during the PS3 hacking scandal except without money involved.

  • Weekly Essays: Gaming essays (like the good old days) every Saturday, filmy essays every Sunday. All throughout this Summer.
  • Critique Corners: I can’t get get into the juicy stuff without essaying it, and I prefer the new format anyway.
  • Blade Runner Week: All throughout the 30th Anniversary week (25th June – 1st July) there will be seven articles. Essays, reviews, scene analysis.

So, there you go. That’s me bidding farewell for a month and a half, wish me luck. As soon as I get back I’ll be chucking out essays every week. Articles, updates and other projects will come at the same time. This will not happen again, this little hiatus, I promise. It’s due to my poor planning really.

Feel free to email, tweet and whatever me over the next few weeks.

I’ll see you soon.