No time to talk. Under a landfill of work. Yet here I am telling anyone out there still reading my blog that I am both still alive and writing things.

I’m working on two novels. Yes two. No, wait. Maybe four. A lot more actually. But I am working on them. Along with writing scripts and doing my undergraduate work. Things are incredibly hectic. Here are the things I’m publicly working on, in order of priority.

Towards A World Unknown
Two lone astronauts on the edge of the Solar System wage psychological warfare against an insane A.I to save humanity.

A charismatic billionaire embarks on a vanity cloning project but finds himself cornered by a vision of the past.

A middle-aged history professor discovers that he can time travel into the minds of ancient warriors by consuming a vegetable.

The Big Nothing
With six hours left, astronaut Neville Hartwell reveals his tragic lifestory against the backdrop of the universe.

Habits of the Citizen
A legal thriller/historical fiction set during the bizarre 1942 Supreme Court case Wickard v. Filburn.

Some of these projects can be found on my inkshares profile. I’ll be adding more chapters later next month.

I expect to have Towards A World Unknown slowly drip-fed out until a genuine full release by late Summer next year, then shortly followed by Split. The rest will have to wait. But I am enjoying writing. Although work and life and everything else is incredibly draining.

The next post here will likely end up being a summary of my 2015.

I’m going back to writing now.



There are a few times in our lives that none of us can understand. This entire year has been one of those times. In this short span of 12 months I have traveled to Asia and taught little kids the Punic War, wrestled with the philosophy of Plato and Hobbes, written a few thousand words on the nature of history, had so many drunken stupors and fun forgotten nights, and, really, a lot of it just still isn’t understood by me. A week ago I was stood in the middle of Selwyn College, Cambridge, in a black bow tie with the cold all around. The leaves were glazed over with frost and the night was turning into stupid, and yet there I stood. A few hundred miles away from home. Half-drunk, with projections of snow flakes and a whole circus of students milling around me. There are times when you have to pause, to re-collect, and this was one of them. Only three letters came to mind. My entire year can be summed up in one giant W-T-F. Continue reading

Two big changes

Oh my.

Have you noticed it yet.

Blogossus DOT com. Yes. I bought the domain, the T-shirt and now own a domain. A full domain dedicated to my terrible prose and washy critiques of forgotten dreams. Nothing ‘writery’ will change about Blogossus. Still expect the same quality of content, that is to say have very low expectations.

The second BIG change is I’ve joined the writing team over at Flixist to write pretentious film stuff for them. Expect no more filmic biz over here because it’s better served over there. Some of my posts (upcoming obviously) can be found here. I hope to post weekly essays, features, columns and everything inbetween over at Flixist. They’re a bunch of good folks and they’ll treat me well.

Blogossus, on the other hand, will remain in its usual ‘updated when I do something’ state. That is to say whenever I feel like it. Trimalchio Chapter ??? should be coming out by Sunday or something. Headed towards the final bits really.