TEARS IN RAIN 2049 – 20:49 20/10


The full eBook will be posted here for free on .PDF (and ePub) at 20:49 on 20/10.

A sequel five years in the making. Alongside a sequel thirty-five years in the making.

It follows several strands: a very personal thorough look at my relationship with Blade Runner, new analyses and thoughts on the film, a review of my 2012 book and an attempt to contextualise, and also a comprehensive review of Blade Runner 2049.

I always keep my promises. Eventually.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

Two big changes

Oh my.

Have you noticed it yet.

Blogossus DOT com. Yes. I bought the domain, the T-shirt and now own a domain. A full domain dedicated to my terrible prose and washy critiques of forgotten dreams. Nothing ‘writery’ will change about Blogossus. Still expect the same quality of content, that is to say have very low expectations.

The second BIG change is I’ve joined the writing team over at Flixist to write pretentious film stuff for them. Expect no more filmic biz over here because it’s better served over there. Some of my posts (upcoming obviously) can be found here. I hope to post weekly essays, features, columns and everything inbetween over at Flixist. They’re a bunch of good folks and they’ll treat me well.

Blogossus, on the other hand, will remain in its usual ‘updated when I do something’ state. That is to say whenever I feel like it. Trimalchio Chapter ??? should be coming out by Sunday or something. Headed towards the final bits really.

Why I’ve been so lazy/absent/generally not posting in the last few months.

There’s a reason I haven’t posted much not so often, or not at all, in the last few months and it’s down to a singular reason. This reason has sucked up more time than anything. I fully expect my impending exams to do the same thing, so don’t expect a massive HARDISTY BLOWOUT just yet.

As you know, I’m only eighteen years old. I’m doing my A-levels, the stuff you do the year before you gallivant off to university.

Here’s the reason I’ve been hiding in case I got too excited and jumpy up and downy about it. I’m a History boy, if that’s not apparent already, and I’ve wanted to study History at university for a good while now. I got a few offers back quite suddenly after my application but…

I also applied for Cambridge back in October out of trying to see if I could charm my way in. I had to write essays, extra questionnaires and read myself to death. I got an interview for the next month which went swimmingly well in which I discussed topics ranging from apocalyptic fiction birthed by the Black Death and Lyndon B Johnson’s penis. I kid you not. Since then I’ve been panicking, crying and pretty much dying in terms of motivation.

Today I received a letter from Churchill College, you apply to the university and to a college within, stating that they have given me an offer of A*AA.

Quite frankly, I’ve spent the day in locked-in disbelief, shock and a general ‘glass case full of emotions’.

This is why my time has been diverted to other areas, this is why I have spent so long just cursing at myself and generally being self-deprecating and this is why I have yet to really established any pattern or schedule of content.

But, yes, I did it.

Expect waxings to pick up after the exam period. Early February probably. But for now know that, well, 2013 has started for me in an incredible place.