Bloggins update: Exams, writing hiatus, short break, Project Electric Sheep

First off, last part of GTA IV Workshop column went up last week on The Gamer Studio.

Second off, I have some stuff to get into.

I have around twelve exams between now and the 28th June. In-between that I have my school prom and various deadlines of coursework I need to meet, meaning I’ll be dancing around mark schemes while hearing hilariously bad dubstep or something. This means a writing hiatus may be in order, I’m not entirely sure yet, given that I don’t want to… well here’s my problem. I want to take a break, two weeks or something, after my exams are finished so I can just get all of my energy back. That coupled with the fact I would have been writing for three years non-stop (had a ‘break’ in October last year in which I wrote more than ever before) mean I need some me-time. I want to play video-games, watch films, read books, go outside with friends and just relax. I always pressure myself to write and write and write because one day it will pay off, I think I still deserve a break before I crack on with Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two and Project Electric Sheep.

What I will be doing ASAP my exams are finished: adding a second-opinion review on Screenjabber to both the Duke Nukem Forever and LA Noire reviews. Other than that I just want a break in which I don’t touch Microsoft Word and perhaps my laptop at all, it’ll be good to get away from it all. I’m thinking two weeks of July, but that doesn’t give me enough time to do anything, so I may perhaps push it into the back-end of August/September after the Summer of Arcade ends. I’m telling you now given I don’t want you all screaming at me.

As for this period of ‘examarathon’ as I’m calling it, I won’t be writing as much. All I have coming up is the Workshop columns, written months ago, one on Bioshock and the other on Metro 2033. I will still be pushing out game critique corner, but not film critique corner maybe, I may just alternate between the two. I won’t be playing video-games/watching films as much (I am seeing Thor next week) so I won’t be able to give any fresh criticism. I will be doing game critique corner tomorrow on Hitman Absolution and then film critique corner next week on Thor I think. After that it’s up in the air on what I can slot into my revision, which I’m not doing a lot of if I’m being pretty honest, I over-revised last year and got some bad grades. Some prep exams this year I barely revised for and got some good grades, so it’s all beans and gravy.

Project Electric Sheep will be unveiled June 1st, with a teaser coming out next week I think. It has one giant hint and perhaps some wordplay involved, if you guess it then you deserve a pat on the back.

In summary: I’m going on a writing break after/before my books, I won’t be writing as much during this month and the next, Project Electric Sheep unveiled in a bit, I love you all.