There are a few times in our lives that none of us can understand. This entire year has been one of those times. In this short span of 12 months I have traveled to Asia and taught little kids the Punic War, wrestled with the philosophy of Plato and Hobbes, written a few thousand words on the nature of history, had so many drunken stupors and fun forgotten nights, and, really, a lot of it just still isn’t understood by me. A week ago I was stood in the middle of Selwyn College, Cambridge, in a black bow tie with the cold all around. The leaves were glazed over with frost and the night was turning into stupid, and yet there I stood. A few hundred miles away from home. Half-drunk, with projections of snow flakes and a whole circus of students milling around me. There are times when you have to pause, to re-collect, and this was one of them. Only three letters came to mind. My entire year can be summed up in one giant W-T-F. Continue reading

General Update: The magical disappearing Hardisty, TRAIN, Trimalchio, UDLR, everything basically.

Well then.

I didn’t forget about my slice of the internet. By slice I mean literally 0.000X% of it. I’ve been busy, incredibly busy. I cannot divulge into exactly why, you’ll find out in a month or so. Many many things transpired between my last postage and this postage. I gave up on NaNoWriMo, I went to some places, I got along with some projects, wrote a few things and began to prepare for the next few books.

Lots of things. Of which will come to fruition at some point in the next month.

The plan is, now, to release ALL chapters of TRAIN that I’ve written thus far. I’ll edit them and stuff, then I’ll come back to writing it at some point in 2013.

For Trimalchio, the last half will be released throughout December. I’ve already written the ending.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four will begin production this week. It will be released in two parts this month.

Killer Looks Part Two will release the last week of the month. There’ll then be a little break.

I’ll be writing on the VGAs this week (getting back into the journalistic swing), be posting something exciting with Tears In Rain, posting some stuff for 2013 and generally heading towards the ‘Hardisty finale’. I won’t be abandoning Blogossus during my time at university but expect, and this is hard to believe, even more downtime than this month.

Much love,




Unless you’ve worked it out already… I’m dead. Or at least, I technically should be. I’ve had, in the last month or so of my life, one of ‘those’. Know what I mean? One of those that turns you to poetry as a means of expressing your anger, self-resentment, failure and demons. It’s simply not fun. This is familiar territory for me but this is the first time I’ve called it ‘familiar’. It happens, often, and life for me is ‘stop-go’. Not to get depressing but instead trying to explain why I’ve… not been kicking it well. I have my A-Level exams in two months, I have a mound of homework and revision, I have Tears In Rain to finish for the 30th Anniversay (it WILL be finished for the 30th anniversary), I have projects to start, I have my driving theory and practicals to pass, I have books and things to consume and I’m finding it quite hard to ‘enjoy’ myself. I haven’t had a moment of relaxation for a good amount of time, and it’s beginning to show on Blogossus.

I am not going. I will never stop writing. Giving up would mean giving in to a system that makes me into a mindless, docile sheep that looks forward to weekends but not to life. I love writing. I love constructing stories, worlds and letting myself bleed in without even me noticing. I love it. I will make it my job if it kills me, because anything else will kill my spirit anyway.

Blogossus will now be on the backburner, I’m afraid, and content will be semi-normal. I’m playing Journey at some point in the next week or so, so expect something on that. The new ‘Essay Series’ to replace Film Critique Corner is fortnightly, every Sunday, and next Sunday we’ll be looking at A New Hope. I’ll find a name for it too.

I miss you. I miss writing to you. It hurts to forget you.