Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four – Part One

vol 4

Well here you go.

As I’ve said earlier, I deleted over half of this thing earlier today after much editing. I will never publish something I’m not proud of and, well, that leavesĀ Volume Four with its first section and a few bits of the latter sections… but only one complete Section.

Rather than leave this year without a lick of my long running video-game diatribe series, here you go. This book is aboutĀ Spec Ops: The Line and uses it as a means to uncover issues to do with the gaming community’s sense of identity and the issues that come with respecting a medium. It gets very abstract and often preachy, but to be honest it’s a piece of the industry I need to encounter.

Part Two, and the full release, will come earlier in February. I have my exams coming up meaning NO TIME LEFTTT.

Once again, a happy new year to you all!