No time to talk. Under a landfill of work. Yet here I am telling anyone out there still reading my blog that I am both still alive and writing things.

I’m working on two novels. Yes two. No, wait. Maybe four. A lot more actually. But I am working on them. Along with writing scripts and doing my undergraduate work. Things are incredibly hectic. Here are the things I’m publicly working on, in order of priority.

Towards A World Unknown
Two lone astronauts on the edge of the Solar System wage psychological warfare against an insane A.I to save humanity.

A charismatic billionaire embarks on a vanity cloning project but finds himself cornered by a vision of the past.

A middle-aged history professor discovers that he can time travel into the minds of ancient warriors by consuming a vegetable.

The Big Nothing
With six hours left, astronaut Neville Hartwell reveals his tragic lifestory against the backdrop of the universe.

Habits of the Citizen
A legal thriller/historical fiction set during the bizarre 1942 Supreme Court case Wickard v. Filburn.

Some of these projects can be found on my inkshares profile. I’ll be adding more chapters later next month.

I expect to have Towards A World Unknown slowly drip-fed out until a genuine full release by late Summer next year, then shortly followed by Split. The rest will have to wait. But I am enjoying writing. Although work and life and everything else is incredibly draining.

The next post here will likely end up being a summary of my 2015.

I’m going back to writing now.

Decide on my next novel

I wrote Trimalchio about two years ago and ever since then I’ve been experimenting with screenplays and playwright nonsense. Did some poems and some drafts of some other stuff. Except I’ve not put out anything substantial writing-wise since then. Maybe I should apologize for that but, you know, I’ve been kind of busy. But since those two years I have had the time to write a few things and have been transfixed on quite a few ideas. There’s a problem though in that I can’t settle on what to do next. See, I’m quite a way into three novels. Yes, novels. I’m doing one of those things again.

So I need your help in deciding which one to continue on and finish with. This will likely take up the bulk of a year or probably more. Actually, yeah, probably just a bit more. But I need to settle on a story to write and rewrite. So here are the three stories that have been turning over my head the most. And attached is a sample chapter or prologue for each of them. Read them all or just one of them or none at all, there’s some blurbs below if you can’t be bothered. There’s a poll at the end of this post so just vote for whichever one you like the best. I’ll have a look at the results in two weeks or something.

Forgive the mistakes of grammar, spelling and otherwise. The final versions of the chapters below will be much more well polished. Consider the genre, themes, characters and the general ‘feel’ of the stories.


Drifting out of the Solar System, Noah Frost and Sydney Kim must pluck together impossible courage to steer mankind through centuries of sleep. They share their dreams with Charles Osgood Frederickson, an ancient mind in control of the ship Theseus, aiding them to glide humanity out of extinction. Yet in the blurring image of the Earth they once knew, the last two humans will have to wrestle with impossible dreams and wage psychological warfare against an insane computer program in order to save everything they know.

Towards A World Unknown – Sample Chapter


A lone wanderer walks into his hundredth year to find his face still young. One forgotten young boy grows aged and bitter, with dynamite anger stirring inside him. When these two collide, continents will shift and gods will fall from the sky. Alongside, two young boys must come face to face with the realities of heroism, and must harness unusual abilities to fight back against the stir of the shadows. An existential twist on the superhero genre.

Train – Sample Prologue


A charismatic billionaire embarks on the ultimate vanity project but finds himself cornered by a vision of himself. Amidst identity crisis and self-destruction, he must pick up the pieces of his past to recover exactly who he is.

Split – Sample Chapter

Five Years

Where do I begin?

Over five years ago I began writing semi-professionally on the internet about ‘things’. My first bloggins was about some video-games or whatever and, well, it can be found probably somewhere out there. I prefer not to remind myself of the horrors of my 13 year old self’s grammar and spelling. Five years ago I began this stupid crusade to try and see if I could get some sort of career or some sort of something out of writing. After five years I haven’t earned one single penny from my writing and yet it’s been the most rewarding experience of my life.

I’ve worked for Platform Nation, The Gamer Studio, Screenjabber and (ongoing) Flixist.com ranging from films to video-games to whatever I wanted to talk about. In these five years I’ve met a lot of great people, tweeted and chatted with some other folks and generally found my place and little Blogossus niche. Over five years I’ve written countless articles, pieces and features and, well, it’s been quite a weird ride.

On top of my journalistic endeavors I’ve also written some books. I began with my Up, Down, Left, Right series, which will be brought to its conclusion next week, about video-game theory. On top of this I’ve written Tears In Rain, a gorram book about gorram Blade Runner, and Killer Looks, another film theory thing about American Psycho. I’ve also pushed out my first proper public novel Trimalchio too. On top of all of this I am still most proud of the fact that I offer all of these works for absolutely free. A lot of the materials and things I wanted to read were always behind paywalls and fees and, being quite a poor little boy, I wanted to set free absolutely everything that I had to say.

It’s been a weird, weird ride. For over five years I’ve found myself returning to the keyboard, returning back and back to the writing groove. I don’t think I’ll ever stop now but, for this moment, I’d like to say thanks. To everyone who has supported me or read my work or anyone who has ever inspired me and so on and so forth. I will carry on writing and I will carry on trying to entertain and inform you in all ways.



Bloggins update: Exams, writing hiatus, short break, Project Electric Sheep

First off, last part of GTA IV Workshop column went up last week on The Gamer Studio.

Second off, I have some stuff to get into.

I have around twelve exams between now and the 28th June. In-between that I have my school prom and various deadlines of coursework I need to meet, meaning I’ll be dancing around mark schemes while hearing hilariously bad dubstep or something. This means a writing hiatus may be in order, I’m not entirely sure yet, given that I don’t want to… well here’s my problem. I want to take a break, two weeks or something, after my exams are finished so I can just get all of my energy back. That coupled with the fact I would have been writing for three years non-stop (had a ‘break’ in October last year in which I wrote more than ever before) mean I need some me-time. I want to play video-games, watch films, read books, go outside with friends and just relax. I always pressure myself to write and write and write because one day it will pay off, I think I still deserve a break before I crack on with Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two and Project Electric Sheep.

What I will be doing ASAP my exams are finished: adding a second-opinion review on Screenjabber to both the Duke Nukem Forever and LA Noire reviews. Other than that I just want a break in which I don’t touch Microsoft Word and perhaps my laptop at all, it’ll be good to get away from it all. I’m thinking two weeks of July, but that doesn’t give me enough time to do anything, so I may perhaps push it into the back-end of August/September after the Summer of Arcade ends. I’m telling you now given I don’t want you all screaming at me.

As for this period of ‘examarathon’ as I’m calling it, I won’t be writing as much. All I have coming up is the Workshop columns, written months ago, one on Bioshock and the other on Metro 2033. I will still be pushing out game critique corner, but not film critique corner maybe, I may just alternate between the two. I won’t be playing video-games/watching films as much (I am seeing Thor next week) so I won’t be able to give any fresh criticism. I will be doing game critique corner tomorrow on Hitman Absolution and then film critique corner next week on Thor I think. After that it’s up in the air on what I can slot into my revision, which I’m not doing a lot of if I’m being pretty honest, I over-revised last year and got some bad grades. Some prep exams this year I barely revised for and got some good grades, so it’s all beans and gravy.

Project Electric Sheep will be unveiled June 1st, with a teaser coming out next week I think. It has one giant hint and perhaps some wordplay involved, if you guess it then you deserve a pat on the back.

In summary: I’m going on a writing break after/before my books, I won’t be writing as much during this month and the next, Project Electric Sheep unveiled in a bit, I love you all.

Bloggins update: Books, writings, summer, looking forward and back

I naturally always look too far ahead of things. Right now I have around six projects or so swimming around my head from video-game essays, video-game books, books-about-something-else, writing gigs and columns, game/film critique corners and so on and so forth. I like looking ahead, it makes sure I’m not scared when the idea finally hits me in the face, although now I’ve just realised I’ve been looking ahead at the wrong things. I love writing, it is my drug, it makes me have these stalemate stares with my screen as I type away. My first stories, horribly written things, are around here somewhere with the plans for said projects, horribly written things. I am growing too old, come August I will have been writing for over three years professionally. I am sixteen years old, I will be seventeen in September and that terrifies me. Right now there’s a short story I want to write, the title of it pretty much sums up my life right now – ‘REMEMBER WHEN DAYS FELT LIKE DAYS’ – I’m thinking of putting it on here free of charge because I’m nice. I am scared, but I’m not cowering in fear, as said I love writing and the day I die you’ll find a pen or a laptop in my hand.

Speaking of looking forward, I tweeted this image out the other day: Continue reading

This Month In Hardisty: March 2011

Apologies for being late.